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The HouseCallVet « Brabant Wallon & Hainaut »

veterinary emergency brabant wallon hainaut

veterinary emergency brabant

veterinary emergency brabant-wallon & hainaut

We are here to provide pet emergency care in BRABANT-WALLON & HAINAUT when your regular veterinarian is closed for the day. We are here to provide peace of mind for our clients, treating your best friend like the family member that you consider them to be! When you call our pet emergency service for care, know that you and your pet will be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect at all times.
veterinary emergency brabant-wallon & hainaut

Our doctors’ house calls last an average of 60 minutes so that they can provide personalized care for the pets and have time for in-depth discussions with the clients. http://www.veterinaire-blaise.be/

veterinary emergency brabant wallon hainaut

Proudly Serving Customers in « Brabant Wallon » : veterinary emergency brabant

1470 Baisy-Thy   24h/24 
1401 Baulers   24h/24 
1404 Bornival   24h/24 
1470 Bousval   24h/24 
1420 Braine-l’Alleud   24h/24 
1440 Braine-le-Château   24h/24 
1470 Genappe   24h/24 
1473 Glabais   24h/24 
1461 Haut-Ittre   24h/24 
1460 Ittre   24h/24 
1380 Lasne   24h/24 
1380 Lasne-Chapelle-Saint-Lambert   24h/24 
1428 Lillois-Witterzée   24h/24 
1471 Loupoigne   24h/24 
1400 Nivelles

Vétérinaire de garde à Nivelles

1400 Monstreux   24h/24 
1380 Ohain   24h/24 
1421 Ophain-Bois-Seigneur-Isaac   24h/24 
1380 Plancenoit   24h/24 
1402 Thines   24h/24 
1480 Tubize   24h/24 
1472 Vieux-Genappe   24h/24 
1460 Virginal-Samme   24h/24 
1410 Waterloo   24h/24 
1474 Ways   24h/24 

 veterinary emergency brabant wallon hainaut